8 reasons why CNBLUE is our “Forever Lodi” and why the group’s [BETWEEN US – TOUR] in Manila is “Petmalu”


South Korean boyband CNBLUE ended their [BETWEEN – US] tour in the Philippines. The concert was held last Saturday, December 9, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Aside from our country being their last stop, here are more reasons why CNBLUE in Manila is both “lodi” and “petmalu.”

1.) THE BAND IS MULTI-TALENTED. The band consists of actor-musicians namely: lead vocalist Jung Yonghwa (from “Heartstrings,” “You’re Beautiful,) lead guitarist Lee Jonghyun (from “Orange Marmalade,” “My Only Love Song,”) bassist Lee Jungshin (from “Cinderella and Four Knights,” “My Sassy Girl,”) and drummer Kang Minhyuk (from “The Heirs,” “Hospital Ship.”)

2.) THEIR TAGALOG IS ACTUALLY GOOD. The boys also showcased their Tagalog skills during the event. Yonghwa repeatedly said “lodi” and “petmalu,” Filipino slang words meaning “idol” and “malupit,” all throughout the concert. The boys also learned how to say “mahal,” “maganda,” “ang init,” “salamat,” and “alam niyo ba ito,” among others.

3.) BECAUSE YONGHWA IS LODI. The band’s leader was definitely hyped during the concert, Yonghwa even confirmed that he is “in [his] best condition” during their tour here in Manila. Aside from being “makulit” and “madaldal,” no one would argue that he’s definitely beyond “magaling” when it comes to performing. Plus, lucky fans even got to shake hands with him!

4.) KANG MINHYUK’S VOICE. Fans of Minhyuk couldn’t hide their “kilig” when the drummer finally went down from his drum set’s platform and eventually joined his bandmates during their acoustic segment. Boices then got more than a “pampalubag loob” after not seeing much of Minhyuk when Yonghwa asked his “Heartstrings” co-actor to exchange spots with him so the latter could sing live during “Love Light.”

5.) JUNGSHIN AND JONGHYUN’S VISUALS. “Walang talo” during the concert since there’s always a “visual” at both corners of the stage: Jungshin stayed mostly at the left side (audience’s view), while Jonghyun performed mostly at the right side.

6.) THEIR SONGS. The boys played old fan favorites and newer hit songs such as “LOVE,” “Can’t Stop,” “Love Girl,” “Love Light,” “Cinderella,” “It’s You,” “Lie,” “Wake Up,” and “Between Us,” among others.

7.) CNBLUE’S ARANETA CENTER TOUR. Before the concert, the four were seen roaming around Araneta Center. Jungshin and Yonghwa even took a photo in front of their concert’s promotional poster. The two also posted picture’s of the “palengke” near the area. Furthermore, Minhyuk was also seen with Jungshin around Novotel. While Jonghyun casually strolled outside. #TouristaLang

8.) PLANS TO COME BACK. CNBLUE promised to come back to the Philippines, and also seem to have genuinely enjoyed their stay in Manila.

We hope to see you soon, too, CNBLUE! It was really fun to watch you guys perform. 💙

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